DILL was founded in 2009 and has ever since been focusing on bringing a unique and memorable experience for all our guests.

Located in a former barn, DILL is connected to Hverfisgata 12 but has a private entrance on Ingólfsstræti.

Head Chef Kári Þorsteinsson has a thriving passion for cooking and one of his greatest pleasures in life is getting together with his family and friends to enjoy food and wine.
Kári pushes himself and his team to reach out for ingredients growing wild in Iceland as well as ingredients farmed in other Nordic countries.

The team takes ingredients at the peak of their flavors and serves them focusing on their natural taste or by preserving them in the manner our Nordic ancestors did; by salting, drying, smoking, pickling or fermenting.

In February 2017 DILL was awarded the first ever Michelin Star in Iceland.